Our Work

Our Approach:

As our motto says “shaping a generation together”, we believe that if all sectors of society work together towards eradicating poverty we can affect change in our country. Beautiful Life training and Community Development Association offers support to people who are unemployed and affected by economic pressures, who are willing to learn new skills and committed to being actively involved in changing their circumstances. Clients are introduced to our counselling and training programme. Short-term accommodation is sought for clients within their own communities on a three month rotational basis. Clients can thereafter return to society. Family life and a belief in oneself and others must be restored in order to bring about change in our society. We are constantly seeking partnership agreements with corporate companies to offer training and employment opportunities to clients who have completed our counselling and life skills training programme. The need for money management and training is becoming evident to alleviate the problem of unemployment and poverty on the Cape Flats.

Organizational Goals:

To provide short term accommodation to destitute

Churches and community based organizations are approached to assist with accommodation. Members of the community are encouraged to host a family/person for a period of maximum 3 months during which they attend counseling and training programs. The host family is screened and selected before placement occurs.  There is ongoing support from trained counselors during this period. Ideally what we would like to achieve is a community where people take responsibility for the well-being of others who are in a crisis situation as opposed to ignoring the problem and leaving it to NGO’s or government to resolve.

To offer business/life skills training

Companies and Institutions are approached to offer training to clients whom we refer after they have completed our counseling program. Corporate companies are invited to become active training partners of Beautiful Life Training & Community Development Association.

To promote entrepreneurship

Clients who shows an initiative and who want to be self-employed will be offered training in skills development and Business Management with the support of established businesses in the community.

Job placement and support

Assist the client in the area of career guidance. Educate them in the dynamics of job hunting and assist them in finding suitable employment. Placements are followed up to ensure that the clients have been successfully re-integrated into society.


Children of parents in the programme are placed in a preschool within the community. Preschools and crèches are approached to partner with us by offering children a bursary for the duration of the period that they are in the development program under the auspices of Beautiful Life Training & Community Development Association.


Family and Marriage Counseling, Single Parenting, Divorce counseling, drug counseling, financial planning. Clients receive counseling from trained counselors working in partnership with Beautiful Life Training & Community Development Association.

Social development

Parenting workshops are held within the communities, at churches, schools, community health centers. Motivational talks at schools and sports clubs in the community.

Spiritual growth

Churches in the community are approached to partner with us to support clients in the development program.

Selection of candidates

Candidates will be accepted on a referral basis, from another organization or community worker.

Clients are assessed before acceptance according  to the following criteria:

  • Candidates who are unemployed and destitute will be considered.
  • Single parents
  • Youth in need of guidance
  • Families in crisis situations.
  • Senior Citizens
  • Candidates will be required to participate in the training and counseling
  • Programme. They need to have a real desire to be independent.
  • Candidates must be prepared to offer their services to the organization on a Voluntary basis.
  • Individuals, who are willing to contribute financially towards the organization on completion of the support program will be considered.


The candidate is required to become a voluntary worker within the organization after successful placement and re-establishment within the community.
As a member of the organization, the client will make a financial contribution of minimum R50.00 per month.

Implementation of program


Partnerships are sought with government, companies and other NGO’s in order to assist clients on a greater level. Accredited Training Institutions are approached to assist with training in the following areas.

Adult education

Life/Job Skills Training Program

  • Sales & Marketing/Customer Care
  • Small Business Development
  • Telephone Etiquette/Telesales
  • Organic Gardening (grow your own vegetables)
  • Beauty Consulting/Make-up
  • Extra language Classes: French, Xhosa and Sign Language
  • Money Management & Debt Counseling

Social Services offered by Beautiful Life TCDA

  • Parenting Workshops
  • Family Counseling
  • Career Guidance Counseling

Preschool education

Child care facilities in partnership with local creches and preschools are offered to children up to the age of 6 years. The children will be in the care of a trained preschool teacher and volunteer assistants.

Partnership/Sponsorship Opportunities

  • Social Media Development: e.g. update website, create face book page/ Twitter account.
  • Create a Banner for the organization for outdoor use.
  • Install Internet service for organization.
  • Publish & Print the Annual Report, Brochures & Publicity materials.
  • Donate a Motor Vehicle to the organization.
  • Become a monthly donor or corporate funding partner.
  • Make a cash or in-kind donation to the organization.
  • Offer your services to the organization as a volunteer.
  • Mentor an entrepreneur/small business person.