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This is a go-to resource for individuals, parents and families striving to make sense of LIFE.wendy wendywendy
You’ll find posts dedicated to build up your spiritual, emotional, physical and relational well-being. Parenting skills, life coaching, career guidance, and loads more about life changes such as, motherhood, adolescence, menopause, loss, post-natal depression and self-worth development and motivation. A space where your can engage with us connect with the Beautiful Life Team and we will reach out to support you and your family.

About the author

Wendy La Vita is the Founder of Beautiful Life Training and Community Development with a demonstrated history of working in the for-profit and the civic & social organisation industry. Skilled in Operations Management, Sales, Creative Entrepreneurship, Administration, training and Management. Strong professional with a master’s degree focused in Psychology from Stellenbosch University, South Africa.

Personal Mission Statement

My mission in life is to leave a legacy for future generations and to uphold the motto “Shaping a generation together” I believe in the principles of Ubuntu, meaning ” I am a person because of others”


Shaping a generation together