Amy Kitty’s Story: A Powerful Analogy

by Wendy La Vita | August 01, 2020|


Growing in Faith & Courage

When I moved into my new apartment there was a cat in the garden. She was very much at home on the grounds, but distant. She ran away when I tried to pet her or even got too close. I was wondering whose cat she was because I was annoyed that she might mess up the garden. But she never did… I saw her on the other side of the building lying in the sun and would say hello kitty, but no patting was allowed. After a while she would come to my garden and relax in the sun on the wall but no contact as yet. When my daughter, GiGi came to stay with me the cat
followed her to the flat. Since that day she came every day. GiGi bought food for the cat and wanted to keep her. I named her Amy Kitty because she looked like a friend’s cat. Amy Kitty would come every day but never cried or allowed us near her. She would eat the food but run away if we tried to come close. One day I tried to touch her, and she got a big fright and ran away. But now, after a few months she is allowing us to feed her and even comes to the door crying for food. She is sunbathing on the patio and even had her mates come over at night in mating season. Amy Kitty looks like she is having a family soon. She is at home. Allows us close up and is more relaxed. She is trusting us more and more every day as she gets to know us better and waits for her food quietly at the gate until we feed her. She expects her meals and is at home. This is a powerful analogy of trust and a relationship with God our father. If we get close to him, we get to know him better and we let go of our fears. We learn to trust him to provide for our needs, even for our emotional needs; for love and affection, a family of our own and our basic needs like food and a home. Trusting that He will take care of us. We can bask in the sun like Amy Kitty and enjoy the sun every day, grooming herself in the warmth of the sun. God says he will make his face to shine upon us. The Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make his face to shine upon you and be gracious to you; the Lord lift up his countenance upon you and give you peace. Numbers 6:24-26

Life Application Exercise: Spend 10 minutes before you get up to talk to God. Just share your thoughts and feelings with God and your plans for the day before you reach for your cell phone or jump out of bed. Allow God to lead you and direct you. It might not happen on day one but repeat the exercise daily and given time you will build a relationship of trust. Reach Out & Touch: In this time of uncertainty you may be experiencing many challenges and need someone to share your doubts and fears with.  Help is just a click away

“Deep within you lies a seed of greatness waiting to be germinated.” Dr Myles Munroe