About Us


A society in which the principles of Ubuntu are embraced, in all communities, regardless of race or culture.  Family life is respected and sacred.  Corporate Companies and communities work together to build a better nation. A society where everyone has an opportunity to realize their goals. Everyone has access to gainful employment. Everyone has a purpose regardless of age, race or gender.  A Nation where the potential of every person is valued and developed to its full capacity.

Mission Statement

  • To re-establish family life
  • To provide basic nutrition to families in need
  • Restore self esteem and human dignity of the unemployed
  • To reintegrate unemployed people into society through gainful employment
  • To partner with corporate companies to develop our nation and its people
  • Empowering people to be proactive rather than reactive
  • Motivate and develop potential in people


South Africa has one of the world’s highest unemployment rates,

Approximately 20% of South Africans have insufficient access to food and at least 14 million South Africans are vulnerable to food insecurity.

What is the Problem?

Its access, affordability and logistics

Profile Of Communities In The Western Cape

There has been a growing decline in family life in our communities.

The increasing rate of unemployment is ultimately resulting in loss of homes, repossession of property and the inevitable breakdown in family life.  There are a large number of single parents, with little children having nowhere to go.  Then we have families who are battling to survive due to economic pressures, family life is disrupted, children are sent to foster homes and parents to shelters or end up on the street. Crime has increased at an alarming rate. Children and the elderly are neglected and abused on a daily basis.  The youth are becoming drug addicts and involved in crime. There are a large number of college graduates and high school leavers who are unable to find suitable employment. There is a cry for a new approach to dealing with these issues. We need an alternative approach to alleviate the problem of food insecurity, unemployment and homelessness. We need to address the roots of the problem.