Beautiful Life

Training & Community Development Association

About Us


A community that cares about the well-being of others, where people see everyone as their neighbour. Your child is my child. A society in which the principles of Ubuntu are embraced in all communities regardless of race or culture. Marriage and Family life are respected and sacred. Corporate Companies and communities work together to build a better nation. A society where everyone has an opportunity to realize their goals; where children are encouraged to follow their dreams. Everyone has access to gainful employment. Everyone has a purpose regardless of age, race or gender. A Nation where the potential of every person is valued and developed to its full capacity.

Mission Statement

  • Motivate and develop potential in people
  • To re-establish family life
  • Restore self-esteem and human dignity of the destitute
  • To encourage people to be financially independent and debt free
  • To reintegrate unemployed people into society
  • To partner with corporate companies to develop our nation and its people
  • To reduce the crime and violence and drug abuse in our communities
  • Encouraging a positive outlook instead of despair
  • Empowering people to be proactive rather than reactive

Profile Of Communities In The Western Cape

There has been a growing decline in family life in our communities. The crime rate has risen to the point where one feels afraid to leave home be it day or night. The rate of unemployment has escalated and the gap between the affluent and the poor is growing at an alarming rate. Children and the elderly are neglected and abused on a daily basis. People are leaving our beautiful country to live abroad because they have no hope for the future. Young people have no hope of becoming a successful professional in any given field because they are not motivated and encouraged to dream and to become respected members of society. The youth are becoming drug addicts and involved in crime. People are living on tomorrow’s income and becoming enslaved to debt and credit. The need for money management and training is becoming evident to alleviate the problem of unemployment and poverty. There are a large number of college graduates and high school leavers who are unable to find suitable employment.There is a large number of single parents, with little children having nowhere to go. Then we have those families who are battling to survive, family life is disrupted, children are sent to foster homes and parents to shelters or end up on the street. Relatives and friends can only support these people for short periods. The work done by shelters are very commendable, however we need an alternative approach to alleviate the problem. There is a cry for a new approach to dealing with these issues.

Beautiful Life Training & Community Development Association

OFFERS AN ALTERNATIVE APPROACH: We offer support to people who are experiencing tough times due to unemployment and economic pressures and who are willing to learn new skills and have the desire to be independent and functional members of society. Clients are introduced to our counseling and training program. We are moving towards building partnerships with communities, civil society,the corporate sector and government organisations to collectively alleviate poverty and unemployment on the Cape Flats.